In Early-80’s, the community was influenced with the young genre of Hip Hop. Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Rakim, NWA all made there way into the ears of young people. There was nothing like Radios, the Beatbox, the Rhymes, the house parties, the Cardboard, the Battles, Beat Street and Wild Style.


It was accompanied by Graffiti, Break Dancing plus, the Apparel. There was nothing like suede Pumas, Hoody’s, SweatPants, Parachute pants, Lee jeans, which later turned into Gucci, le coq sportit, izod, MCM, and Cazel Frames. Door Knockers, Technique 12’s and Reeboks.


Before the close of the 80’s and going into the 90’s, Nike and other companies flooded consumer markets with sport clothes and $100 sneakers. The streets were speaking . They became a powerhouse that would use Athletes and would magnify an iconic Rock Star status to promote its newly designed fashionable sneakers. By 1996, the urban market became a multimillion dollar industry. There was nothing like this first wave of the sneaker phenomena because there was no previous reference point. There was no throwback. No precursor. There was a new protocol and for some of us, its never changed, it just matured. 


Crown & Albrook Clothing Co. is a culmination of all these things and contrary to the misconceptions, Denver is no exception when it comes to Urban Culture, Fashion and the Hip Hop Community. 


“One eye on the past, the other on the future."